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Bénodet: the 5-star resort

Bénodet is a dream destination located at the southern tip of Brittany, in the heart of the Bretanny Riviera. Facing the sea, on the border of the Odet river and only 15 kilometres from Quimper, Bénodet is considered as a first choice destination in Finistère.




Sensation Bretagne press kit

Sensation Bretagne press kit

Three weeks ago, the Sensation Bretagne network, of which Bénodet is a new member, published the first of its three press kits for 2022. And for the first time, Bénodet is featured in it, with a focus on Carole and...

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With real character and without excess. Bénodet showcases its magnificent location across from the Glénan Islands, where the Odet, France’s most beautiful river, flows into the sea. In a human-sized village, top-notch facilities invite you for an exceptional variety of activities.

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