Le Minaret or Villa Magdalen

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Many of you ask us about this beautiful, unusual building in the shape of a liner. Here’s its story:

When Doctor Boyer decided to build a villa in Bénodet in 1926, a patient of the doctor, El Glaoui the pasha of Marrakesh, decided to provide him with a dozen workers to decorate the interior.

The villa features unique architecture and takes its name from Ker Magdalen, the name of his wife. At the time, there was a bedroom under the tower called the Pasha Room that was carefully decorated with mosaics. There was also a hammam in the basement.

The exterior of the villa is also very elegant and was designed by the world-renowned architect Mr. Laprade.

Black and white pebbles from Treguennec and pink pebbles from Ploumanac’h line the swimming pool and form the fountain.

After a few years, Professor Boyer raised the tower for a stunning view of the coast all the way to Trévignon Point.

Professor Boyer died in 1951 and had no children. His villa was bought by Mr. and Mrs. Lozach who opened a hotel and restaurant.

The hotel was called Le Minaret, and the restaurant still exists today as L’Alhambra. The unique building has been known as Le Minaret ever since.

Today, Le Minaret is a private residence.